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Bridging the Gap: Ad Ops and Finance, Beeler.Tech Event Recap

A 20+ year industry veteran, Rob Beeler is an expert at getting the right people in a room and talking. Through his community platform, Beeler.Tech, he hosts intimate events that move essential digital media and ad tech conversations forward. This past September, Ad-Juster and Beeler.Tech teamed up to offer the third event of its kind: a roundtable discussion that covers how publishers’ ad ops and finance teams can work more closely together—two groups that don’t usually have an open forum to communicate about common issues.

"Operations and Finance departments must work together. However, the two departments speak different languages, and what gets lost in translation is revenue,” said Beeler. “It’s imperative the two teams better align and bridge the gap, it’s the only way to optimize processes and most importantly, revenue.”

This session was attended by two people from each publisher (one from ad operations and one from finance, which provided a balanced perspective of the interdepartmental pain points) as well as our CRO, Jesse Poppick.

Some highlights of the conversation included:

  • Ad Packages: preferred by pubs and brands but is not a standard ad unit and current data solutions make it difficult to look at an individual breakout.
  • Daily 3rd party actuals + verification system numbers: Finance needs both of these pulled into the ad server to show target vs. gross numbers.
  • OMS → Oracle: pushing data from an OMS to Oracle (finance platform for many publishers in attendance) is a manual process and the report format is not the same between the two.

Ad-Juster and Beeler.Tech are dedicated to fostering and guiding important industry conversations in order to improve operations, relationships, understanding, and ultimately success for the industry.

You can see when the next Beeler.Tech event is on their website.

Interested in talking more? Want to know when our next event is? Contact us with your questions and we’ll be happy to share.