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Clear Visions: Expert Direct Reporting Tips

Best Practices for Discrepancy Reporting and Revenue Optimization

Founded in 2007, Ad-Juster built the industry’s first automated data aggregation and reporting platform for discrepancies. We actively help reconcile billions in lost revenue due to discrepancies between publishers and advertisers. We process over 1,500 reports every day and touch over 1 trillion ad impression delivery transactions every month. So, yeah, we’ve seen a thing or two in our time. But we don’t keep it to ourselves. We’re all about making the industry stronger as a whole. That’s why we’re sharing our expert direct reporting presentation hosted by AdMonsters.

Key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Discrepancies overview
  • Discrepancy reporting 101
  • Understanding your data sources
  • Sample reports
  • Common reporting mistakes
  • Introducing Ad-Juster CALIBRATE
  • Improving recurring processes


Ad Operations Discrepancies
Do you know the true causes and impacts of discrepancies? Do you know the difference between under and over discrepancies? You can’t reduce, fix, or improve what you can’t define. Our webinar will help you understand exactly what you’re dealing with, including the deadly inventory issues born of rampant discrepancies. Learning the root causes of discrepancies and their effects will allow you to identify the most effective solutions, including how to implement new processes within your existing operations.

Understanding Your Data Sources
You’ll learn how to understand your data sources. Data is the oil of prosperity. You must understand your data before you can dominate your market. Our webinar will show you how to manipulate and decipher key metrics, allowing for digestible reports that will fuel your operations.

The more you know about your data sources, the more control you have. You’ll not only be able to identify problems, you’ll be able to identify them faster. Catching negative issues sooner makes it possible to optimize your campaigns earlier, which means greater profit. From manual connections to advanced ad tag mapping, we’ll show you how to tie it all together and when to use specific methods.

Sample Ad Tech Reports
There are virtually countless types of custom reports that your organization can use. Our presentation covers a few types that will open your eyes to reports that deliver strong cross-department capabilities. It’s always a win for your organization any time multiple departments can leverage a unique yet universal template.

Best Recurring Practices and Common Reporting Mistakes
We’ve outlined simple-to-execute, highly effective recurring practices you should implement in your daily, weekly, and monthly digital revenue operations. Furthermore, knowing how to avoid common ad reporting mistakes is equally important as knowing the best reporting methods.