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Ad-Juster Taps Emily Deere as Chief Technology Officer

The move signifies Ad-Juster’s strengthening commitment to deliver intuitive data reporting and analytics software to the digital advertising industry.

Ad-Juster, a market-leading SaaS provider of unified data reporting and analytics for digital advertising, has announced today the appointment of Emily Deere as Chief Technology Officer. She will be responsible for the execution of Ad-Juster’s technology and engineering team.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Emily join the team,” said CEO, Dennis Clerke. “She is a stalwart leader, having built and managed high-performance software development organizations throughout her career; and I’m confident that her energy and innovative perspective will successfully drive our product roadmap.”

As CTO, Deere is responsible for leading the development of Ad-Juster’s data and analytics platforms for the digital advertising industry, focusing on building solutions that meet new challenges and changing needs as the industry develops.

“I’m really interested in the industry and the challenge of managing all of that data,” says Deere. “There are just so many opportunities for advertisers and publishers, but managing the variety, velocity, and volume of ad data to make smart decisions is incredibly complex. Our clients need a reliable, accurate, holistic view of their data to grow their business—and helping them meet that challenge is what we’ll continue doing.”

Joining most recently from ARS National Services, Deere led the web, application, and data warehouse systems development. She holds a BA in computer science and a masters in enterprise systems engineering, both from UCSD. Prior to ARS, she spent over two decades building a wide range of products, teams and operations within the financial, educational, and banking sectors.

About Ad-Juster

Ad-Juster is a market-leading SaaS provider of unified data reporting and analytics for digital advertising. Since our founding in 2007, we have worked closely with over 150 blue-chip publishers, agencies, ad-tech platforms, and ad networks to deliver a digital advertising measurement product line to streamline data flows, optimize media performance, overcome billing discrepancies and maximize revenue.