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New! Set Your Own Standards with Custom Viewability

Viewability has become table stakes for digital ad campaigns. Publishers are tasked with utilizing viewability metrics to meet advertiser requirements, which has grown more difficult as viewability has evolved and new standards adopted. With ever-evolving standards and measurement tech, publishers need viewability solutions that can be customized in order to improve yield, streamline operations, and effectively communicate with clients about performance.

Understanding the viewability ecosystem and how to optimize for it is a key part of a publisher’s day-to-day operations. While many advertisers measure viewability based on IAB standards, some prefer more strict definitions that further improve ad performance and more accurately ensure an ad is being viewed. The presence of multiple definitions and standards can add complexity to campaign delivery, optimization and reporting.

In order to accomplish delivery and revenue goals, publishers need the ability to measure and monitor their campaigns in real-time, regardless of the viewability standards valued by advertisers. DV Publisher Suite’s latest release gives teams the tools to set custom definitions for viewability based on their advertising partners.

Improve Control over Viewability Measurement and Optimization

It is vital that publishers are able to measure viewability based on what matters most to their clients. Custom Viewability provides publishers with the power to configure campaign and inventory-wide viewability measurement based on specific goals. This flexibility will also enable publishers to quickly adapt to new standards and requirements as they are introduced. Custom Viewability helps teams remain agile as the industry continues to evolve their understanding of viewability and how it impacts advertising performance.

For internal use, adjustable definitions can help teams address specific viewability issues at scale without added operational overhead. Since these custom definitions are applied wherever the default IAB definitions are available, publishers can measure their inventory in new ways based on a series of helpful viewability metrics.

Accessing Custom Viewability in DV Publisher Suite

DV Publisher Suite users can now define their custom viewability standards within Inventory Quality. Build your custom viewability definitions for display or video inventory based on factors such as how much of the ad is in-view, time viewed, ad format, and more. For example, you may want the ability to measure video ads against a specific standard, such as 100% of the video in view for at least 2 seconds with the audio on. Once configured, custom metrics are then made available in your dashboards and reports alongside IAB and other viewability metrics.

For more information on how to use Custom Viewability in DV Publisher Suite, visit our help desk. To learn more about DV Publisher Suite, request a demo today!