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Operative Partners with Ad-Juster to Automate Campaign Reconciliation

Publishers Benefit from Best-in-Breed Technology Integrations to Manage Billing Processes

New York, NY January 12th, 2015 – Operative, the global leader in advertising business management solutions for digital publishers, broadcasters and cable networks, today announced a global partnership with Ad-Juster, the world’s only third-party reporting and discrepancy management tool. As a result, Operative’s clients benefit from a fully integrated solution to automate the invoicing process, accelerating the cash collections cycle.

Digital publishers often struggle with the time-consuming, manual process of billing. Logging into disparate ad servers to aggregate and reconcile data causes operational bottlenecks, costly make-goods, and lengthy billing cycles. Ad-Juster automates campaign reconciliation by reporting on discrepancies between advertiser and publisher delivery data.

“Closing the books is one of the biggest operational drains for our clients. This seriously impacts revenue recognition and cash flow,” said Lorne Brown, CEO of Operative. “Partnering with Ad-Juster helps digital publishers collect more of what they sold, sooner. Publishers use Operative as their system of record for sales planning and contract data. With our Ad-Juster integration, clients now have one place to easily compare what they sold to what they delivered.”

Through this partnership, Operative customers benefit from Ad-Juster’s seamless, out-of-the box integration with more than one hundred different ad serving platforms. By automatically verifying third-party delivery within Operative, publishers will have a more complete picture of their revenue stream.

“We believe that automation is essential for publishers to adequately control campaign pacing, mitigate delivery discrepancies and reduce billing cycles," said Mike Lewis, President and Co-founder of Ad-Juster. "Our partnership will provide Operative's publishers with a fully integrated solution for campaign management."

The Ad-Juster partnership is another important milestone for Operative in enabling publishers to maximize their profitability. Publishers who deploy Operative consistently see CPM growth 14 times the industry average due to higher sell-through rates, shorter quote-to-cash cycles, and fewer make goods.

About Operative

Since 2001, Operative Media, Inc. has developed software and services that help publishers, agencies, and networks simplify the business of advertising. Media companies rely on Operative to sell, traffic, and bill premium ad inventory, increasing revenue and decreasing overhead. Operative's client base, which controls over 20 percent of the global ad market, features NBCUniversal, Wall Street Journal, Comcast, iHeartMedia, BuzzFeed, and Schibsted Media. www.operative.com

About Ad-Juster, Inc.

Ad-Juster is the industry leader in third-party data collection and ad delivery discrepancy management for digital publishers, agencies, and networks. Ad-Juster automatically creates daily ad discrepancy and pacing reports allowing digital publishers to immediately act on expensive ad discrepancies. We provide digital publishers with a single centralized web based location to connect to and aggregate data from supported third party and local ad servers. Ad-Juster integrates with all major publisher ad serving systems, top third-party platforms, order management systems, billing and invoicing systems, data warehousing, proprietary systems, and SalesForce. Ad-Juster empowers your team to better control campaign pacing, mitigate delivery discrepancies, and reduce billing cycles, through automation. www.ad-juster.com