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New Smart Connection™ Added: AppNexus Video Analytics

Get more from your AppNexus Video Analytics data through a ProgrammaticIQ Smart Connection™ and make sure you’re optimizing revenue from your video inventory. AppNexus is a leading cloud-based advertising SaaS provider that offers a full stack suite of products for publishers. Their Network Publisher Video Analytics data enables publishers to view video event metrics on a granular level. Now that you can pull AppNexus video data into Ad-Juster ProgrammaticIQ, you can use intuitive tools to visualize the granular data provided by AppNexus and compare it to data from other technology partners.
About Smart Connections™

Smart Connections™ are the intelligent way to connect to any data source. Built with over a decade of media-data experience, these new connections automatically map fields across vendors and work around data limits to quickly aggregate all of your data sets. No more digging through API documentation or hunting for login info for all demand partners. Smart Connections™ provide connection status reports and normalize fields like Advertiser, Country, and Buyer, saving you countless hours of data prep. Rapid setup makes connections live with just a few clicks—report and visualize your data as soon as the connection is established.

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