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Your Indirect Campaign Data Collection by Ad-Juster

Ad-Juster Data Collection CapabilitiesAs many digital publishers know, collecting and reconciling delivery metrics for premium guaranteed campaigns can be a real hassle. Using Ad-Juster to automatically pull reports from dozens of third party display ad systems, correlate that data to your local server, and consolidate it into reports can take a lot of that headache away. But did you know that Ad-Juster was built not *only* to solve this tedious task? Designed with flexibility to address nearly all manually repetitive tasks facing the ad operations professional, digital publishers might only be using Ad-Juster at a fraction of its capability.One example of this extra muscle that Ad-Juster can flex is in indirect campaign reporting. While not under the typical umbrella of campaigns which require daily reconciliation reporting, many ad operations teams are tasked with the regular collection of partner revenue streams. From Rubicon to Google Ad Exchange to any of the hundreds of supply side networks, exchanges, and trading desks, this process can be just as long and arduous as discrepancy reporting.Ad-Juster is capable of aggregating this data for your team and reducing the stress that goes into their daily repetitive tasks. Talk to us today, and find out how we can help you overcome this daily chore.And if your team is currently tasked with waterfall optimization as part of their duties, we'd love to speak with you. Email me directly at mikeatad-juster.com and I would love to set up call to see if we can automate this process for you.