Authentic Direct™

Automatically Align on Brand
Suitability Requirements

DV Authentic Direct provides a turnkey link to advertiser brand suitability settings.

Maximize Campaign Revenue Without Friction

Meeting brand suitability requirements doesn’t need to be a manual and time-consuming process. Authentic Direct allows publishers to proactively and automatically align with advertiser brand suitability settings on direct campaigns.
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Reduce Brand Suitability Violations

Reduce waste, gain more control over how inventory is filled, and avoid costly make-goods by automatically maintaining alignment with brands.

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Eliminate Operational Headaches

Authentic Direct handles optimizations automatically, even when requirements change mid-campaign, streamlining setup and optimization.

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Strengthen Client Relationships

Enjoy improved advertiser confidence and retention with a link to advertiser goals that brings much-needed transparency to the buyer-seller relationship.

How It Works

With Authentic Direct, publishers can access a centralized set of brand safety & suitability requirements for their clients and automatically deploy these requirements across their campaigns with a single signal.

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