Campaign Delivery Insights

Proactively Manage Campaign Pacing and Discrepancies

Enhance campaign reporting and delivery with quick and accurate comparisons of your premium inventory performance.
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Streamline Ad Operations and Generate More Revenue

Our experience and knowledge allows us to design and build tools that enable media professionals to successfully handle the industry’s biggest challenges. DV Publisher Suite delivers a powerful media-specific platform that supports data collaboration and prioritization to successfully deliver on all digital direct-sold campaigns.
DV Campaign Dashboard for Account Managers | Proactive revenue optimization
Account Managers

Be proactive with the ability to easily prioritize campaigns that need attention and facilitate effective communication with sales and operations.

DV Campaign Dashboard for Sales Executives | Campaign performance reports
Sales Executives

Get detailed and timely performance reports to accurately set expectations and enhance communication with clients and co-workers.

DV Campaign Dashboard for Ad Ops | Advertising operations, creative troubleshooting
Ad Operations

Quickly identify, diagnose, and communicate creative issues with the ability to quickly dive down to the creative level based on your highest risks.

DV Campaign Dashboard for Supervisors & Managers | High-level campaign monitoring

Stay on top of overall performance across your organization with a high-level view to highlight problem areas and provide actionable insights.


Your Next-Generation
Efficiency Tool

Supercharge your efficiency and operations with data callouts for KPIs and intuitive navigation via the campaign sunburst. You can view both high- and low-level metrics simultaneously to highlight revenue trends, improve inventory performance, discover new opportunities, and more. Leave the spreadsheets behind and start getting answers now.
DVPS Campaign Delivery | Campaign Dashboard
DVPS Campaign Delivery | Automated Data Aggregation and Reporting

Automated Aggregate Reporting

Remove the most manually time-intensive processes from your operations. We provide highly customizable reports to monitor pacing, manage discrepancies, and streamline billing. You’ll get access to instant insights that would be too complex to generate manually.

Discrepancies Can Make or
Break Your Campaigns

Get more than advanced publisher and agency ad server data aggregation with our one-of-a-kind mapping technology. With continuous, automatically fused data, your team can streamline discrepancy management and shorten monthly billing cycles.
DVPS D-FIT | Data Fusion Interpretation & Translation


Identify both under- and over-buffered line items with accurate discrepancy reporting to hone in on optimal pacing.
Convenient reporting across ad-quality vendors houses all your viewability metrics in one place—track viewability with ease and accuracy.
Get paid quicker and easier through direct OMS connections, including Operative, Lineup’s Adpoint, Placements, WideOrbit and FatTail AdBook+.
Promote optimal collaboration across departments with our suite of collaboration tools.
Centralized agency logins and alerts ensure you have the access you need at all times.
Compress your Time to Resolution with streamlined issue identification, communication, and troubleshooting.