Campaign Delivery Insights

Automated Campaign Reporting

Remove the most manually time-intensive processes from your operations. We provide highly customizable reports to support your ad delivery strategy.
Flexible Filters
Refine and specify your reports to focus on the data you need.
Easy Sharing
Quickly generate and share consolidated reports and centralized data across your departments.
Custom Scheduling
Schedule reports daily, weekly, or monthly with aggregated or daily breakouts.
150+ Report Columns
Customize your reports with server- and platform-specific columns and metrics.

Discrepancy Monitoring and
Pacing Reports

Automatically connect with and generate consolidated publisher-side and agency-side server reports. Our unique D-FIT technology associates and connects creatives across multiple platforms throughout the entire delivery chain.
DV Campaign Reporting | Discrepancy Monitoring and Pacing Reports

General Trafficking Reports

Gain full command of your quality control with automated views into all the different campaign types, fields, and settings throughout your platforms and servers. Save time and reduce errors by quickly assessing whether creatives are set up correctly.
DV Campaign Reporting | General Trafficking Reports

Viewability Reports

Easily keep track of campaign effectiveness with viewability metrics. You can see multiple metrics side by side in a consolidated report, eliminating the confusion of having multiple viewablility vendors.
DV Campaign Reporting | Campaign and Ad Viewability Reports

Billing and Finance Reports

Optimize your campaigns through direct integrations with billing systems, OMSs, and Salesforce. Enjoy a shortened billing cycle, reduced manual intervention, and improved efficiency by feeding reconciled metrics to your billing system.
DV Campaign Reporting | Automated Billing and Finance Reports