Unified Analytics

Dynamic Dashboards

Create beautiful and interactive dashboards to highlight your most important KPIs.

Simplified Data, Actionable Insights

Spreadsheet reports can only take you so far. It’s time to see your data with new eyes. Data visualizations highlight sudden decreases or increases, by partner, according to any combination of metrics you choose. This allows you to speedily spot problems, act quickly, and reduce your risk of lost revenue. You can easily share these visualizations to help all your departments understand, interpret, and take action in a whole new way.
DV Publisher Suite | Dynamic Dashboards

Revenue by platform

Shows which platforms are most profitable. This approach provides especially valuable assistance for traffickers, allowing them to see if there are costly deficiencies in eCPM rates across different platforms.
DV Publisher Suite | Data Visualizations | Revenue by Platform

eCPM by advertiser

Delivers quick views of inventory buying by advertiser. Get profitable insights into potential direct deals.
DV Publisher Suite | Data Visualizations | eCPM by Advertiser

Fill rate by DSP

Assess DSP performance to identify which partners work best for your business. Ensure DSPs are providing you with high-performing fill rates and unique demand.
DV Publisher Suite | Data Visualizations | Fill Rate by DSP

Revenue by deal type

Optimize your programmatic strategy by identifying whether OpenRTB or Private Marketplace Deals are going to give you the highest ROI.
Ad-Juster Data Aggregation and Reporting | Data Visualizations | Revenue by Deal Type