Unified Analytics

Get Intelligent, Automated Reporting

Simplify reporting, create dynamic dashboards, and improve operational efficiency to better identify new revenue opportunities and optimize yield.
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Connect and Visualize Your Data
Across Partners and Revenue Channels

DV Publisher Suite removes manual, cumbersome, and repetitive tasks with automatic reports to quickly aggregate and normalize your data for you. Exponentially improve data performance, ROI, decision-making, as well as daily and long-term operational efficiencies and gains. Spend time and money on revenue-producing activities rather than administration and logistics.
DV Publisher Suite Automated Data Aggregation | DSP, SSP, Ad Exchange, Data Source Connections

Automatically aggregate data from all of your connections including DSPs, SSPs, and exchanges for a holistic view of advertising performance.

DV Publisher Suite Automated Data Unification and Organization

Automatically consolidate and organize scattered data sets into a single data hierarchy, allowing for direct comparisons out of the box.

DV Publisher Suite Data Normalization Technology: Unify, Transform, Standardize

Automatically normalize fields for an accurate view of your data without having to allocate resources to manual normalization.

DV Unified Analytics | Yield Management Dashboards

Enhance Your
Programmatic Operations

Publishers selling programmatically work with hundreds of buyers, partners and platforms. Unified Analytics brings the entire programmatic supply chain together, allowing you to synthesize complex data sets quickly and easily for optimization.

Create Visualizations to Highlight
Your Top KPIs

Instantly improve efficiency and decision-making with configurable visualizations and dashboards. You can now quickly visualize your data to highlight revenue trends, improve inventory performance, discover new opportunities, and more.
DV Unified Analytics | Yield Management Dashboards
DV Unified Analytics | Holistic Advertising Analytics

Transform Your Data for
Deeper Insights

We understand that there is not a cookie cutter approach to ad tech data solutions—you may have questions that are unique to your business. Take control of your data with custom formulas and calculations for tailored reports and dashboards.

Not All Connections Are
Created Equal

Smart Connections include intelligence that automatically maps fields from vendor to vendor and work around data limitations to eliminate manual processes. Report on and visualize your data as soon as the connection is established.
DV Unified Analytics | Connection Management


Eliminate manual tasks with automated aggregation of daily performance metrics
Improve business intelligence to allow for optimization of advertising strategy
Gain a holistic view of your sales channels
Identify top advertisers to generate new sales leads
Streamline issue identification, communication, and troubleshooting
Easily measure performance across all of your demand sources
Identify which ad partners provide the most valuable unique demand