Unified Analytics

Smart Connections

With built-in intelligence, Smart Connections automatically map and aggregate your data sources and provide connection status reports. Report on and visualize your data as soon as the connection is established.

Built With Data Intelligence and 10+ Years of Media Experience

With over 10 years in the advertising industry, we have extensive experience managing connections and adapting to changes and updates. Our smart connections normalize naming conventions and automatically know where fields need to be mapped, saving you countless hours.

Automatic Data Mapping

Vendors often call the same dimension by different names which makes mapping and onboarding difficult and contributes to unreliable reporting. Smart Connections do all of this for you, providing an accurate and reliable data set.
DV Publisher Suite | Automatic Data Mapping

Normalization & Universal Advertiser

Naming conventions for fields like Advertiser and Country can vary from vendor to vendor. Smart Connections automatically normalizes these fields to give you an accurate view of your data without having to allocate resources to manual normalization.
DV Publisher Suite | Data Normalization Universal Advertiser

Avoid Vendor Data Limits

Do you struggle to get the data you need because of partner restrictions? DV Publisher Suite Smart Connections are able to work around vendor-imposed data limits, whether on rows, dimensions, or metrics, to give you a comprehensive data set.
DV Publisher Suite | Avoid Vendor Data Limits