Unified Analytics

Intelligent Data Management

No two businesses are the same, we give you the tools you need to analyze all your unique media strategies and solutions.

Track Your Strategies With Custom Data & Reports

Finding success in digital advertising requires constant testing, tracking, and measurement of different strategies across multiple channels. The ability to easily drill down into data and investigate specific questions is crucial to validating successes or failures. With DV Publisher Suite, you can aggregate all your data sets to track demand partner performance and gain a holistic view of your advertising operations.

Unique Custom Fields

Be sure of your analysis—draw deeper insights from your data with the ability to easily transform data points with custom formulas and calculations.
DV Publisher Suite | Creating Unique Custom Fields

Aggregate Data Sets

Aggregate data from all your partners into DV Publisher Suite. Make use of automated data import methods to bring in offline and other data sets.
DV Publisher Suite | Aggregate Programmatic Data Sets Dashboard

Holistic Yield Management

Grow revenue without cannibalizing other channels. With all your media data on one platform, you can identify optimizations and channel strategies to get the highest ROI.
DV Publisher Suite | Holistic Yield Management Dashboard