Quality Targeting Automation

Optimize Yield With Quality Targeting Automation

Optimize yield in real-time with automated ad delivery based on viewability, brand suitability, contextual categories, fraud and more.
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Offer Impressions That Count

Now you can identify media quality issues before they negatively impact your yield. Predict viewability and identify invalid traffic in real-time to prevent the need for over delivery or make goods. Brand safety and contextual categories allow you to automatically match the right inventory to the right advertiser partner.
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Viewability Prediction Targeting

Leverage DV’s predictive algorithms to automatically target inventory that has the highest likelihood to reach advertisers viewability guarantees.

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Invalid Traffic

Create a more secure environment and avoid serving impressions to invalid traffic by leveraging DV’s MRC accredited Fraud detection methodology.

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Brand Safety &

Correct content misalignment and reduce impression waste by ensuring your advertisers are only served around content they deem appropriate.

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With over 400 contextual signals, positively target ads in a privacy-safe way and increase premium placements you can offer to buyers.

DV Inventory Quality Insights

Automate Delivery Based on Campaign Goals

Publishers need transparency and the right tools to identify media quality issues before they impact your bottom line. DVPS Quality Targeting Automation gives ad ops teams the ability to control yield dynamics through automated, real-time campaign optimization.

Gain Trust and Confidence Through Proactive Campaign Optimization

As industry complexity continues to rise, ensuring maximum yield from premium inventory will require increased vigilance from publishers. DV’s Quality Targeting Automation is designed to serve as a constant ally that executes your optimization strategy when your team is offline to ensure that inventory is delivered in the most profitable manner.
DV Quality Targeting Automation
DV Demand Quality Insights

Maximize the Impact of Your
Premium Content

Used by both the buy-side and sell-side, media quality measurement is a common language that reduces friction with partners and boosts your yield. Cut down on wasted impressions and operational overhead while discovering what’s valued by advertisers. See the full picture and become a proactive force in the industry with DV advertiser data on your inventory.


Reduce operational headaches and costs by automating inventory optimization, freeing up time for revenue generating tasks.
Quality data is associated with granular campaign data to easily troubleshoot and optimize towards advertiser goals.
Implement automated inventory allocation strategies based on viewability, fraud and 90+ content classification categories
Eliminate unnecessary inventory waste caused by over buffering.
Ensure maximum yield from premium inventory that fulfills DV’s Authentic Ad® standards.
Build trust and reduce friction with buyers by proactively preventing viewability, fraud and other media quality issues before they arise.