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Ad Viewability Report from Ad-Juster

The Ad Viewability Report is Ad-Juster newest custom template to expand your daily reporting to include ad viewability metrics.

This report includes the following Ad Viewability data fields (Viewable Impressions Measurable, Viewable Impressions, and Viewable Impression Percentage). The report shows a summary of the percentage of Viewability Campaigns and a breakdown of Viewable Campaigns broken out by percentage.  Run a copy of the Ad Viewability Report today to see if your ad servers have access to viewability metrics.

As ad viewability is becoming more and more important ad metric for digital publishers and advertisers, Ad-Juster is constantly expanding support for gathering viewability metrics from ad servers.

We have created a short 6 question survey to give us a  better picture of your ad viewability needs. Please take a minute to fill this survey and help us help you.