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Auto AdJust for Ad Viewability

Yes, you can Auto AdJust Your Ad Viewability Now!

Is the Viewable Impression the new Third Party Impression? Can I use Auto Adjust to address this? The answer is "Yes!"

About a year ago Ad-Juster started offering a product called Auto Adjust. It was developed to answer the question:
"If publishers are counting their guaranteed campaign impressions using their local ad platform, but billing their customer using their customer's ad platform, how can 100% of contract value be achieved without throwing away thousands of impressions as over-buffered waste?"

Auto Adjust is the solution. It monitors 3rd party impression counts on all of your guaranteed campaigns and makes sure that any buffered impression amounts remain in-line with discrepancy.

Recent discussions in the industry suggest the possibility of treating "views" as a replacement currency for impressions. This poses serious challenges to digital operations teams tasked with executing these campaigns. Deciding how to deliver a campaign which has a viewability requirement is complicated by the fact that an impression is often not determined to be in-view until after it has delivered. This means it would be impossible to only deliver impressions that are in-view, there will always be a discrepancy.

The question, "When has the campaign finished?", becomes far more complicated to answer than when the campaign was only tracking impressions. Tracking and optimizing the performance of in-view campaigns will rely on several considerations, including:

  • What is my Viewability requirement: 75%, 80%, 100%?
  • How will revenue against this campaign be calculated?
  • What is the system of record for tracking views?

If you are required to deliver 80% of a 1 million impression campaign in-view and you are billing for the full campaign if you meet this threshold, then at least 800,000 impressions must be delivered in-view and 1 million impressions be delivered for this campaign to be billed in full. Using Auto Adjust to compare locally served impressions with agency tracked in-view data, campaigns can be automatically buffered to reach a dual goal of 100% 3rd party delivered and 80% in-view. Auto Adjust increases the booked impressions in the local server only until both of these thresholds are met. This automates the manual daily task of trying to optimize in-view campaigns.

Ask us about Auto Adjusting your ad viewability today.