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DV Publisher Team Talks State of Brand Suitability at AdMonsters Publisher Forum

In March, DoubleVerify had the opportunity to speak with the revenue and ad ops community on the state of brand suitability and its effects on publishers at AdMonsters Publisher Forum Virtual.

Brand suitability is a topic that has become increasingly relevant for brands and publishers, particularly as the unprecedented events of the last year have unfolded. The scale of content related to the unprecedented news events of 2020, such as the COVID-19 Pandemic, Black Lives Matter protests and the presidential election cycle made it more important for advertisers to protect their brand while supporting trusted news content. DV’s Collette Spagnolo looked at brand suitability data from 2020 to show the impacts on publishers and how they can benefit from these trends by implementing best practices. Watch her full presentation below:

DV sees an opportunity for improved transparency and collaboration between publishers and advertisers and is committed to bridging that gap through shared technology and best practices. This includes a holistic suite of tools for publishers that improve transparency and performance through the use of shared media quality metrics that empower publisher insights and optimization.

We’d like to extend our thanks to the AdMonsters team for having us. Interested in how DV works with publishers? Contact us to learn more about DV Publisher Suite.