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FatTail and Ad-Juster Offer Integrated Solution: Helping Digital Publishers Automate Business Process Management

The Partnership Enhances FatTail’s Business Process Management Platform

New York, NY  November 3rd, 2014 – FatTail, the leading provider of Business Process Management solutions for digital publishers has entered into a strategic integration partnership with Ad-Juster, the leading third-party reporting and discrepancy management tool. This partnership will enable publishers to shorten monthly billing cycles, reduce account receivable days and optimally fulfill contracted delivery commitments.

Accurate revenue forecasting, reporting and billing at the end of the month has been a challenge for digital publishers, who are always looking into improving their digital ad operations. The partnership between FatTail and Ad-Juster allows FatTail customers to automate revenue reporting and billing using third party delivery data provided by Ad-Juster through seamless integration with hundreds of different ad serving platforms.

“Our goal is to radically reduce transaction costs and increase yield for our clients. Automating the monthly close process is an important part of this. Integrating our Business Process Management platform with Ad-Juster helps our publishers more accurately forecast revenue and makes the monthly revenue recognition and billing process a snap.” Said Doug Huntington, CEO of FatTail. “We are able to “turn on” Ad-Juster in our Application Exchange in a matter of a few minutes, and deliver to our clients the immediate benefit of reporting based on third party numbers. The net result is improved cash flow for our clients.”

"Having been partnered with FatTail for almost 5 years, we have come to really appreciate the depth of knowledge their team has, and their ability to develop solutions that keep up with the pace of change in our industry," said Mike Lewis, President and Co-founder of Ad-Juster. "Ad-Juster understands that expanding our relationship with FatTail will bring the value of our data integrations to an even broader audience with substantially less implementation friction. Seamlessly connecting multi-source data reconciliation into FatTail’s Business Process Management platform will be transformational for publishers looking to improve their digital ad operations."

About FatTail

FatTail is the leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions for digital advertising. FatTail’s AdBook software suite delivers transformative technology that enables publishers to implement best practices. FatTail’s customers achieve increased operational control and efficiencies, increased sales, valuable business intelligence and greater customer satisfaction throughout the advertising lifecycle. AdBook radically reduces transaction costs and increases operating margins by automating workflow, consolidating information, and connecting people, systems and organizations within a single cloud based platform. For more information, visit www.fattail.com.

About Ad-Juster, Inc.

Ad-Juster is the industry leader in third-party data collection and ad delivery discrepancy management for digital publishers, agencies, and networks. Ad-Juster automatically creates daily ad discrepancy and pacing reports allowing digital publishers to immediately act on expensive ad discrepancies. We provide digital publishers with a single centralized web based location to connect to and aggregate data from supported third party and local ad servers. Ad-Juster integrates with all major publisher ad serving systems, top third-party platforms, order management systems, billing and invoicing systems, data warehousing, proprietary systems, and SalesForce. Ad-Juster empowers your team to better control campaign pacing, mitigate delivery discrepancies, and reduce billing cycles, through automation. For more information on Ad-Juster, visit www.ad-juster.com.