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How Ad-Juster & DoubleVerify are Supporting Publishers During COVID-19

Ad-Juster and DoubleVerify are keenly aware of the challenges that publishers and media companies are facing right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the industry we call home with a flurry of issues that are affecting both bottom lines and peace of mind. The current advertising climate is surrounded by uncertainty and we understand that this may be impacting revenue for some of our clients. And while we continue to spend each day in uncharted territory and new information is constantly presented to us as the global situation changes, one thing has stayed the same: we are here to help.

Our customers and their employees are important to us and we are committed to delivering products and services that support the publisher community and health for the long term. For these reasons and more, we are happy to announce the launch of the 2020 Ad-Juster Publisher Support Program.

Starting immediately, we will be offering an optional 33% service credit for Ad-Juster fees incurred between May 2020 through July 2020. This credit can be used to offset currently activated services and for new service offerings that will better help publishers navigate this landscape.

“We’re pleased to be an Ad-Juster customer,” said David Jung, Director, Digital Monetization, Meredith. “Their data-driven product line helps us streamline workflows, optimize programmatic performance and maximize revenue – all of which are incredibly important right now. We’re excited to take advantage of their COVID-19 support program, which will provide significant relief to many publishers in the industry.”

We empathize with everyone trying to operate their business in this environment. It is our hope that customers in need of financial support will be able to use this program to focus on what matters most right now. If you have any questions about this program as it relates to your business, please reach out to your Client Development Manager or fill out our Contact Form.