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New! Get a Complete Understanding of Video Viewability with In-Depth Audibility & AVOC Metrics

Digital video is one of the fastest-growing advertising formats, with numerous benefits for both publishers and advertisers. The growth of this channel makes it important for publishers to measure all aspects of video performance, including quality metrics related to fraud and viewability. With these tools in their arsenal, they can more effectively sell inventory, improve performance and build mutually beneficial relationships with buyers.

According to a Google study, video audibility and completion rate play an important role in understanding video viewability and overall performance. In fact, video ads that were both audible and viewable were shown to promote 1.6 times more brand awareness than ads that were only viewable. With the launch of over 10 new audibility metrics, DV Publisher Suite’s Inventory Quality solution empowers publishers with additional data that enhances their yield-optimization strategies for both video and CTV inventory.

Analyzing Audibility Metrics in DV Publisher Suite

Through audibility rates and similar metrics, DV Publisher Suite users can better understand how users are engaging with videos on their site, as well as how that engagement correlates with other key metrics such as viewability and fraud. While helpful for performance optimization, these metrics can also be leveraged by sales teams. With enhanced audibility metrics, publishers can better package and price their premium video inventory at higher CPMs.

The following metrics are now available in DV Publisher Suite Inventory Quality for users to analyze:

  • Audible Measured Impressions
  • Audible Viewable Measured Impressions
  • Audible Impressions
  • Audible Viewable Impressions
  • Audible and In-View on Completion Impressions
  • Audible Rate
  • Audible and In-View on Completion Rate
  • Audible Viewable Rate
  • Audible and Viewable Rate per Quartile
  • Audible Rate per Quartile

Accessing Fully On-Screen Completion Measurement for CTV

As part of this update, users also have access to DV’s Fully On-Screen Completion measurement. Powered by DV Video Omnitag and VAST, two key CTV metrics can now be analyzed and optimized within DV Publisher Suite.

  • Quartile Completion Metrics: Better understand drop-off points and how many impressions were played to completion using widely adopted VAST quartile events.
  • Fully On-Screen Metrics: Analyze when 100% of the ad’s pixels were on screen consistently and confirm that impressions originate from specific devices, apps and platforms.

For more information on the newly available metrics, users can visit our help desk article. Request a demo to understand more about how DV Publisher Suite helps teams analyze their inventory and optimize yield.