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New! Get Additional Insights With DV Brand Suitability Tiers In DV Publisher Suite

Premium publishers have traditionally experienced a lack of transparency and standardization surrounding the advertiser pursuit of brand safety. Through the overly cautious use of brand safety tools, both the buy and sell side have seen issues with reporting, billing and scalability.

Today’s launch of DV Brand Suitability Tiers within DV Publisher Suite adds valuable nuance and transparency through a shared language that improves optimization potential around brand safety and suitability. This change allows publishers to better maximize monetizable inventory while advertisers benefit from increased reach.

In a continuously evolving digital advertising landscape, industry collaboration is critical in helping brands effectively address brand suitability concerns at scale. DV’s brand safety and suitability solution provides comprehensive coverage for industry standards advanced by 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) and the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), which are designed to establish a more consistent approach to protecting brand reputation, while preserving scale and supporting publishers.

More nuanced inventory control and transparency

DV Brand Suitability Tiers introduces the separation of selected content categories by three distinctive levels of risk. This reduces unnecessary blocking of content that may be suitable for an advertiser based on their risk level. For example, advertisers are able to avoid sensitive topics in unmoderated or user-generated environments while still advertising alongside these topics on professional news content.

These risk tiers are understood by DV through a policy-based, deterministic approach that separates content by both content type and topic, giving publishers further opportunities to optimize around advertiser goals. Unlike other providers that may rely on opaque or probabilistic methods, DV performs deep contextual analysis to unlock these expanded brand suitability features.

By adding additional nuance regarding content classification, publishers can monetize a larger portion of their inventory that may have otherwise been blocked due to specific brand safety concerns.

Utilizing Brand Suitability Tiers in DV Publisher Suite

In DV Publisher Suite, users can now benefit from additional insights that enable better optimization and inventory allocation. Much of this can be done through an interactive brand suitability sunburst chart that shows publishers how each of their pages fits into various categories and tiers.

DV offers a market-leading 89 unique brand safety and suitability category settings — inclusive of 13 categories with three levels of risk, in addition to 50 categories without suitability tiers. For the 13 categories that contain the newly announced Brand Suitability Tiers, risk is generally assessed in the following manner:

  • High Risk includes discussion of relevant topics in user-generated/unmoderated content and/or in an irresponsible manner.
  • Medium Risk includes discussion of relevant topics in news, dramatic depiction, and entertainment content.
  • Low Risk includes discussion of relevant topics in educational and informational or scientific and academic content. In addition, content that only includes a brief mention of a topic is generally considered within the Low Risk tier.

We are incredibly excited about all the possibilities this unlocks for our publisher clients to better understand and optimize their inventory as it relates to advertiser brand suitability within DV Publisher Suite. Request a demo today to see firsthand how we can help your team.