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New! Highlight Sales Opportunities & Better Understand Demand with DV’s Inventory Compatibility Score

Your inventory is diverse and so are the buyers you sell it to. It can be a challenge to ensure you position the “right” content to suit each advertiser's unique brand suitability goals. This can be even more challenging with new clients or when buyers don’t share this information. Publishers need full transparency into not only the contextual data that drives brand suitability measurement, but also how that data aligns with demand.

Instead of waiting for a lost bid to determine whether your inventory is not compatible with a particular brand, DV Publisher Suite’s Inventory Compatibility Score (ICS) gives teams an earlier glimpse into advertiser demand. This metric will help publishers optimize for brand suitability and position themselves to win new business by more easily communicating premium inventory.

Gain suitability transparency with DVPS

To give publishers actionable transparency into the suitability of their inventory, DV is introducing the market’s first  DV Publisher Suite’s Inventory Compatibility Score (ICS). ICS helps answer the following questions for publishers:

  • How do I demonstrate the premium nature of my inventory to prospective clients in a quantifiable way?
  • How can I analyze a buyer's willingness to advertise on my properties?
  • How can I understand the likelihood of content violating an advertiser’s Brand Suitability settings in programmatic auctions?
  • How can I troubleshoot and optimize inventory based on demand?

Your ICS is generated on a daily basis by evaluating the top pages for each of your properties against the top 200 DV advertiser brand safety profiles. This provides you with a clear metric to measure and communicate the compatibility of your inventory with premium advertisers.

Align your content with the right advertisers

Ad Ops teams can use compatibility data to improve inventory selection media plans. For example, if you are working with a technology advertiser and you’ve seen that these types of advertisers typically find ‘Politics’ to be a compatible category, you can confidently add your sections categorized as ‘Politics’ to the media plan.

On live campaigns, teams can also address a high rate of incidents related to keywords by uncovering the most problematic keywords across a broad set of advertisers in order to more intelligently target campaigns away from content that may cause incidents.

Showcase the value of your brand

Publishers can use ICS to create marketing materials as well as understand the ‘why’ behind underperforming inventory. Include ICS data in your pitch decks to showcase compatibility for a specific vertical or use the data to better understand content performance relative to a brand’s suitability settings.

ICS data can also help teams identify new sales opportunities by highlighting the advertiser verticals where your content is considered highly suitable. Teams will be armed with the data to pitch prospects and communicate why your inventory is a good fit for a particular advertiser’s vertical and goals.

Inventory Compatibility Score in DV Publisher Suite

Your ICS is available within DVPS Inventory Quality in the ‘Demand’ tab and can be easily extracted for use in marketing and sales materials. The dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of how your inventory is perceived by buyers as well as diagnostic tools.

Analyze compatibility by category & advertiser vertical

Drill down to see how compatible inventory is among specific advertiser verticals. These insights can be leveraged for new business pitches with brands in specific verticals or to better understand content alignment during media planning.

Incompatible Diagnostics

ICS is calculated based on an evaluation of different factors including incompatible keywords, categories, inclusion/exclusion site criteria and app lists. The Incompatibility Diagnostics chart gives publishers an overall look into which brand suitability settings are impacting the desirability of their inventory. With these insights, teams are able to more quickly identify the cause of underperforming inventory.

The DV Publisher Team is excited to introduce this powerful new feature! Interested in learning more about how DV Publisher Suite’s comprehensive set of solutions can help you maximize yield? Request a demo today!