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Outsourced Ad Ops and Ad-Juster Sign Reseller Agreement


New York, NY, December 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Ad-Juster, Inc. and Outsourced Ad Ops, LLC (OAO) have signed a reseller agreement allowing OAO to offer Ad-Juster products to OAO clients. OAO’s clients would then have access, via OAO, to Ad-Juster’s automatic retrieval of data from advertiser’s 3rd party ad systems, allowing for automated daily ad delivery discrepancy reporting, and simplified campaign reconciliation for billing purposes.

“OAO is eager to offer the Ad-Juster system to our clients,” says OAO President, Craig Leshen. “Ad-Juster turns a very manual process of pulling 3rd party ad server data into an automatic function. We’ll be using the data to help our clients monetize more of their ad inventory and see the effective value of their ad buys based on 3rd party variance analysis. At OAO, we pride ourselves on giving our clients the tools they need to succeed, and providing them with the highest possible level of service. Adding Ad-Juster to our existing line-up of offerings allows us to provide our clients with a deeper, and more streamlined, view of how to manage their business.”

“Ad-Juster is very happy to be part of the OAO line-up,” adds Jesse Poppick, VP of Business Development for Ad-Juster, Inc. “As a reseller, Outsourced Ad Ops puts us right in front of the publishers that need our product, but may not yet be aware of what we can do. OAO will help us lead the charge to make manual 3rd party data collection a thing of the past.”

The agreement gives publishers who are already using OAO services the ability to leverage an immediate benefit from integrating the Ad-Juster product. Both companies are looking forward to working together and continuing to offer each of their services to their broadening lists of clients.

About Outsourced Ad Ops
OAO is a leading provider of around-the-clock online ad management services to both website publishers and agencies. OAO clients receive unmatched quality of service from our experienced staff of ad operations professionals. Working with OAO enables companies to improve ad operations management, thus resulting in greater revenue recognition. See www.adops.com for more information.

About Ad-Juster
Ad-Juster is the world’s only third party reporting and discrepancy management tool. Ad-Juster automatically pulls delivery data from all third parties into one report: totally eliminating time spent collecting this data manually. Ad-Juster also automatically identifies and reports ad delivery discrepancies – helping manage one of the digital ad world's most painful problems. See www.ad-juster.com for more information.