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Acquisition by Innotech Capitals Opens Global Markets for Ad-Juster

San Diego (January 18, 2017) Innotech Capitals, an international private equity consortium group and the investment arm of Innotech International Group, has acquired Ad-Juster accelerating the data aggregation platform's access to global markets. San Diego-based Ad-Juster, is used by digital publishers, ad agencies, ad networks and ad tech platforms to automate manual processes which are time-consuming and prone to error. Ad-Juster’s 4 product-level technologies help its clients reconcile close to $10 billion worth of revenue every year. The only fully automated reconciliation and aggregate reporting system in the digital ad industry, Ad-Juster specializes in display ad reporting, 3rd party data aggregation, programmatic reporting, ad viewability, mobile and video reporting, 3rd party tag verification, automated buffer optimization and more.

"Innotech International Group will provide Ad-Juster with the resources we need to accelerate our offering not only here in the U.S. but also internationally. Having bootstrapped Ad-Juster from day-one entirely from its own cash flow, the opportunity to transition what we do well to a broader audience is very exciting," says Mike Lewis, President and co-founder of Ad-Juster. "And with expanding product offerings into ad optimization, quality measurement, and cross-enterprise reporting and dashboarding, we see our value to current and potential clients accelerating. Our ongoing commitment to client success will remain unwavering."

“With our network and resources in international adtech, Innotech International Group will quickly help Ad-Juster expands its unique offerings to global markets starting with China and the Asia Pacific region," says Oliver Chen, founding partner of Innotech Capitals. "The business will meet the growing need for automated operations and solutions around the world."

Ad-Juster will retain its current management team and operate under the business model and culture that have fueled the company’s success. Terms of the acquisition will not be disclosed.

Founded in 2007, Ad-Juster simplifies the manually intensive processes associated with digital ad operations. As the complexity of the digital landscape has exploded from standard display 3rd party ad delivery to include new systems and metrics for mobile, video, and many other growing ad quality measurements, Ad-Juster advancements have provided clients with state-of-the-art streamlined daily reporting. Over 120 brand name digital publishing companies use Ad-Juster, including over half of the comScore Top 50 publishers by impression volume.

Innotech Capitals, the investment arm of Innotech International Group, is an international private equity group focusing on the global adtech market. As entrepreneurs in adtech, the founding partners, have extensive experience, network and resources in the Chinese AdTech sector to facilitate portfolio companies’ penetration into the China market. Additionally, synergies achieved between the portfolio companies further strengthens Innotech’s value proposition globally. Since July 2015, Innotech Capitals has transacted deals exceeding $500 million including acquisitions and exits. In addition to its private equity practice, Innotech Capitals also makes venture investments in early-stage, global startups that have the “first-mover” potentials into the China market. Innotech Capitals has accumulated more than 12 portfolio companies in the US, Israel, UK and Canada as of October 2016.