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Ad-Juster Holds ProgrammaticIQ Launch Party in NYC

We launched our game-changing new programmatic data platform, ProgrammaticIQ, last week in New York City. It was a programmatic doubleheader that started with a live webcast walkthrough of the platform with Rob Beeler of Beeler.Tech and was capped off by a proper product launch party at American Whiskey that evening.

“We appreciate everyone who braved the cold to share a whiskey with us on our big day,” said CMO/CBDO, Dan Lawton. “The feedback and engagement we received confirms that ProgrammaticIQ will solve a major pain point in the industry.”

First, the pre-party product walkthrough with Rob Beeler

We couldn’t think of a better way to introduce our new platform to the market than having Rob Beeler, a 20+ year industry expert, there to poke around and ask questions. Our Head of Product, Stuart Moncada, led the development of ProgrammaticIQ and fielded questions from Rob and the attendees.

“I knew that people would be interested in seeing the platform and watch me kick the tires,” explained Beeler, “What was fascinating was the number of very specific questions people asked. It tells you there is a need because all of this reporting is a real publisher pain point. People were also looking to see how this could help them make money, which ProgrammaticIQ can do!”

Some of the questions answered by ProgrammaticIQ during the session:

  • How to view a single advertiser’s spend across each transaction type for programmatic + direct?
  • How to create a custom field that does not exist as a 1-1 in the connection, but requires a calculation?
  • How to manage the schedules and look back windows for connections?
  • Can you work around partners that don’t have external APIs? Are there auto alerts when credentials break?
  • What does the onboarding process look like for adding a new SSP? Do we have to define fields to be brought in or will all available fields automatically be pulled for a new SSP?
  • Does this solution cover both display AND/OR Video demand sources?
  • Does the solution pull in both first party and third party delivery data to compare side by side for issue management challenges?
  • Is field mapping across data sources customizable?

Bummed you missed the webcast? Contact us for a demo with Head of Product, Stuart Moncada!

Drinks, and networking, and celebrating at American Whiskey

With the walkthrough webcast over, it was time to party, so we all headed over to American Whiskey for the evening. With jackets off and warming drinks in hand, we got to celebrate, hear more feedback about the new platform, and even a couple great ideas to add to our product roadmap.

“After all the hard work and thousands of hours that went into ProgrammaticIQ, I was really looking forward to sharing the finished product with the industry,” said Stuart Moncada. “The questions and conversations that came up were exactly why we designed the platform—and we were able to show just how simple and intuitive it is to find those answers. We’re extremely proud to have built a product that fills such a strong need in the market.”
To everyone who joined us for these events despite the cold, thanks again! And a special thanks to Rob Beeler and the Beeler.Tech Community for the inspired conversation and hosting us in NYC. Until next time!

About ProgrammaticIQ

ProgrammaticIQ is the first solution that brings data collection, normalization, and analysis all into one platform—providing a huge lift to efficiency and revenue. This comprehensive data solution was built with Smart Connections that aggregate and normalize media-specific data across vendors in real-time and Dynamic Dashboards that put powerful intuitive data-visualizations and analysis at your fingertips.