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Beyond Verification: Measuring Ad Exposure and Engagement for Publishers

Verification metrics such as fraud, viewability, and brand safety are important to advertisers. These metrics can help you determine the likelihood of an ad being seen by a real user, but not necessarily how much the user is actually paying attention to it.

Both advertisers and publishers are paying more attention to engagement metrics that help measure what is most interesting to users on the web. While this data is helpful across many forms of media, the nature of digital advertising means that engagement has a strong correlation with clicks and conversions.

Why Ad Engagement Metrics Matter For Publishers

Exposure and engagement data allows publishers to better understand what matters to their users and demonstrate that knowledge of their audience to advertisers. With insights into how users hover, touch and scroll over ads, publishers can better understand the behavior that’s driving performance and optimize accordingly. While not a replacement for transactional metrics such as viewability, engagement can provide the context needed for optimal decision making.

For example, these metrics help highlight the most premium inventory, which can then be properly priced in strategies and negotiations. Insights into how people interact with creatives and branded content can also lead to more thoughtful conversations with advertisers around performance and KPIs. If key KPIs are indicating underperformance, engagement metrics are one of the best tools for publishers to measure creatives, ad placements and more. Internally, publishers can also work with engineering teams to analyze and address low engagement sections of the site using this data.

Accessing Engagement Metrics in DV Publisher Suite

DV Publisher Suite offers publishers access to engagement metrics within Inventory Quality. This includes both exposure data, which measures the duration of time that an ad is spent in view, and engagement, which looks at how people engage with creatives across devices.

These engagement metrics provide increased data transparency for DV Publisher Suite users, who can analyze them alongside quality data and more. For both display and video engagement, the following metrics are now available.

  • Ad Clicked Impressions: Percentage of impressions where a user clicked on the ad.
  • Ad Hover Impressions: Percentage of impressions where a user hovered over the ad.
  • Touch Engagement Impressions: Percentage of impressions where Touch Engagement occurred, which includes the following Engagement metrics: Ad Hover, Ad Touch, Ad Click, Device Keypress, Device Mouse Movement, or Device Scroll.
  • Scroll Impressions: Percentage of impressions where a user scrolled.

For all of the above metrics, users can also calculate the rate of engagement measured against all impressions. By analyzing this data within DV Publisher Suite, DV provides publishers with an additional layer of insight into the value of their inventory and highlights new ways to measure and optimize performance.

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