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2020 Retrospective: Publisher Insights on Ad Verification and Blocking

Transparency has become one of the industry’s top priorities, and this trend has accelerated after the events of 2020. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, focus on brand safety and suitability intensified. Publishers need confidence in their ability to monetize content in this constantly evolving ecosystem, which requires new levels of transparency, technology and education.

In this recent white paper, DV looks at the impact of ad verification on the world’s top publishers in 2020. Download the white paper for insights and best practices to help you improve ad delivery, performance, and revenue.


Download the white paper to learn:
  • How DV advertiser decisions related to brand suitability, fraud and viewability changed year-over-year
  • Demystified breakdowns of verification technology, blocking, and their effects on publishers
  • How best practices and technology can help publishers use verification insights to proactively manage inventory for improved ad delivery and revenue