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District M: New SSP Connection

We’ve added SSP support for District M: They’re a digital technology company that provides unique solutions for publishers and advertisers. For the supply side, they’ve developed proprietary products designed to increase revenue streams from digital ad inventory. Their Boost by District M platform has been known to increase publisher monetization yield by 30 to 100 percent and can be leveraged through header bidding, standard price priority tags, and adhesion units. On the demand side, they specialize in unique campaign management. Their exclusive and proprietary technology segments data and user profiles, which allows their clients the ability to reach diverse and specific audiences at the right time.

By listening to the needs of their publishers and advertisers, they’re able to respond with technology that can effectively change the approach to digital advertising. Their technology and approach to how they do business is simplicity, efficiency, and transparency.

For more information, please visit: https://www.districtm.ca