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DV Tackles Publisher Challenges & Highlights Opportunities at The Publishing Show in London

DV was pleased to take part in The Publishing Show in London last week. Some of our industry experts roamed the floor and took the stage over two days of informative discussion, fresh ideas, and top-of-mind insights from some of the top publishing teams in the region.

Thanks to the organizers and attendees for joining us at this new publisher-focused event. Here’s a recap of some of DV’s highlights from ExCel Arena.

Recapturing Revenue by Bridging the Quality Measurement Divide

Our Director of Product Management, Clemens Egle, led a presentation about ways for publishers to tackle the unique challenges that they face. These issues run the operational gamut, from economic and budgetary uncertainty to fragmentation and its impact on meeting buyer requirements. But publishers are seeing an upturn in content consumption while operationalizing verification metrics like viewability, suitability, and invalid traffic.

Clemens further shared that publishers have an opportunity to take a more proactive stance as it pertains to meeting buyer requirements and streamlining workflows. With greater efficiency through automation and improved transparency with advertisers and brands, publishers can unlock new growth and revenue opportunities with their existing inventory pool.

Achieving Scale and Maximizing Trust Through Third-Party Contextual

Our Vice President of Business Development, David Goddard, was on hand to lead a panel of media industry professionals about contextual advertising’s place in publisher strategies. With third-party cookie deprecation around the corner in 2024, a fundamental shift in methods and tools is needed. Contextual may not be a definitive answer, but it’s certainly one that many within the industry are paying close attention to.

David’s panel included publishing and advertising experts from The Guardian, Mail Metro Media and Taboola. Among the issues discussed, the focus was on contextual advertising’s appeal on either side of the buy-sell fence, the need for scale and specificity in the contextual equation, and how publishers are using contextual data to supplement first-party data and other inventory metrics. DV is well-positioned to help bridge these gaps with contextual solutions that are accurate, easy to use, and independent of cookie-based tracking.


The DVPS team is dedicated to supporting our publisher clients around the world. As such, it’s important to keep a keen eye and an open ear on the issues that matter to media professionals in all regions. It was our pleasure to be able to lend our expertise to The Publishing Show, and actively participate in the type of ongoing exchange of communication and collaboration that makes us feel lucky to be a part of this business. Thank you to our team members, the event staff, and everyone we connected with at the event!

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