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Case Study: How Authentic Direct™ Allowed The Arena Group to Maximize Campaign Efficiency

The Arena Group, a tech-powered media company with brands such as The Street and Sports Illustrated, wanted an automated way to proactively align with their client’s brand suitability settings to maximize efficiency and revenue.

To reduce inventory waste and grow their direct business, The Arena Group deployed Authentic Direct™ as part of DV Publisher Suite. Authentic Direct is DV’s latest publisher innovation that directly links you to brand suitability requirements from advertisers. This link allowed them to automatically deliver direct campaigns while eliminating 97% of blocks caused by brand suitability violations.

Learn how The Arena Group deployed Authentic Direct™ in order to:

  • Automatically meet brand suitability requirements pre-bid through a single GAM signal
  • Increase operational capacity, monetize their inventory more intelligently, and maximize revenue.
  • Bridge the buyer-seller gap, reduce friction with clients and grow their direct business