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New! Automate Brand Suitability Alignment with DV Authentic Direct™

After its successful beta program, the DV Publisher Suite team is pleased to announce the official release of its latest innovation, Authentic Direct™. Now, all publishers can benefit from automation in brand suitability optimization, bringing a higher level of efficiency and interconnectivity to their direct deals with advertisers.

Direct sales offer numerous benefits for publishers. Beyond its increasing importance in a cookieless world, it often allows publishers to maximize inventory value relative to programmatic channels. However, this comes with increasing operational complexity as campaigns are scaled across partners. The onus has also fallen on publishers to manually deliver against their clients’ brand safety and suitability preferences. Until now.

Introducing DV Authentic Direct

Authentic Direct provides a direct connection to deliver campaigns based on your DV advertiser’s brand suitability preferences. It also allows publishers to automate campaign configuration, adjustment and optimization processes with a single signal, drastically reducing the strain on time and operational resources. With automation, you can take guesswork and human error out of the equation to mitigate incidents and impression waste.

Publishers see up to 99% reduction in brand suitability incidents.

Increase Efficiency, Decrease Waste, & Strengthen Direct Relationships

DV Authentic Direct better equips publishers to meet their demand for direct deals. As a result, publishers can enjoy the benefits of stronger relationships with buyers, from improved advertiser confidence to greater retention. You’ll also cut back on resource-draining makegoods, which will keep your team focused on driving success for every campaign.

Plus, the direct link to advertiser needs and goals that Authentic Direct provides brings much-needed transparency to the buyer-seller relationship. Mid-campaign adjustments are also applied automatically and according to advertiser preferences, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication with clients. This means a faster, smoother, and smarter campaign delivery process for everyone.

How It Works

Utilizing your ad server, Authentic Direct provides a direct link to the brand suitability profile of any advertiser currently partnered with DV.

At DV, we’re committed  to improving the brand safety and suitability experience for all DV publishers. To learn more about Authentic Direct, click here to request a demo.