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Navigating Ad Tech: A Holistic Approach to Evaluating Publisher Vendors

The ad tech ecosystem can get a bit hectic. If you ever needed to see just how hectic it could be, look no further than the Display Lumascape. Conceptualized by Terence Kawaja (CEO of Luma Partners), the graphic presents a crowded range of specialized experts that facilitate just about every phase of the buyer-seller relationship. The upshot is that there are A LOT of potential partners out there.

The problem is that the ad tech landscape is overcrowded with highly specialized companies offering isolated services, and it’s easy for publishers to fall into a “New requirement? New vendor!” pattern due to the reactive nature of the business. Before long, you could be coordinating with 3 or 4 different vendors, to, for example, navigate Google’s latest policy change, and that’s antithetical to the efficiency and relief that vendors should provide.  

Nevertheless, if you want to scale your business and generate the revenue that your inventory is worth, across dozens of partners, then tech solutions are a necessity. Investing a little more time into finding services that address more than one of your needs maximizes a vendor’s positive return on your investment, both in money and time.

Questions to Ask of Prospective Vendors

Evaluating a new tech partner holistically begins with taking an honest and thorough look at your needs across all departments, then identifying vendors that can help in a compatible, effective, and scalable way. To help jumpstart the conversation, here are some high-value questions you can ask when you’re trying to quantify the quality of their service.

  • What level of customer support do they offer? Look for unified customer support that is responsive, and moves quickly to get you up and running again when something breaks.

  • How can they facilitate the onboarding process? Prioritize simplicity and speed, two qualities that your clients are counting on you for.

  • Can they address more than one need? Pursue an end-to-end product offering, and an ability to work across all of your platforms and channels.

  • Can they offer examples of their results? Get a look at the receipts, including proven ROI calculations and case study examples of successful integrations.

Prioritizing Your Data and Your Workflows

The right tech partnership enables you to focus on going to market faster and smarter, which is ideal in times like these when the future is clouded by hiked inflation rates and an uncertain global economy. This is done through a focus on the foundation of your business.

Your ability to streamline and automate your workflows define how efficient your team will be. With the right software to organize your advertising strategy, you can cut down on outdated processes, improve transparency and empower your team to focus on growth rather than maintenance.

Like so many other facets of this industry, optimization starts, ends, and revolves around data. It’s powerful to have a partner that breaks down data silos, allowing you to centralize, analyze and report on your data so you can do more with it across departments. This helps you maximize opportunities and capitalize on your inventory no matter what comes next in the complex world of digital advertising.


In a time when companies are trying to streamline their operations, it might be apt to consider a more holistic approach to your tech stack. Cross-functional vendor decisions can prevent overlaps, bottlenecks and isolated departments, which in the long run slow down your ability to grow revenue. And lastly, when the ad tech industry shifts, as it often does, you want to have partners that are equipped to make quick and comprehensive adjustments to keep your business on track.

The Holistic Philosophy of DV Publisher Suite

DV Publisher Suite has been built from the ground up in a way that combines previously isolated point solutions, reduces complexity and improves workflows for many aspects of publisher operations. Our tools and products work hand-in-hand with one another to optimize the entire selling process from beginning to end.

  • Unified Analytics offers automated reporting and aggregation, dynamic dashboards, and data normalization across all your sources and revenue channels.

  • Campaign Delivery Insights keeps you on top of your direct-sold business with tools that enable campaign pacing, quick troubleshooting, and streamlined billing.

  • Inventory Quality provides a view into how advertisers assess your inventory according to the metrics that drive their goals and KPIs.

  • Quality Targeting optimizes the value of your impressions by providing powerful viewability insights, safety and suitability categorization, invalid traffic avoidance, and over 400 contextual signals.

Whatever challenges might exist for your growth, DVPS is ready to help you meet them. We strive to be the industry leader in holistic scalable solutions that make sense and respect your time. Request a demo today to learn more about what DV Publisher Suite can do for your team!