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DVPS Teams up with AdMonsters for Playbook Exploring Ad Ops and the Pivotal Role of Data

It’s no secret that the ad operations department is a critically important component of any publisher’s advertising business. With a laser focus on data analysis and ad performance, ad ops is responsible for interpreting and delivering the insights that drive revenue. But as indispensable as ad ops teams are, most publishers can get even more out of them by increasing collaboration, and removing data silos.

These operational improvements and the steps you can take to achieve them are the focus of our collaboration with AdMonsters, which is based on real-world survey data from industry professionals in multiple fields.

In this AdMonsters Playbook, you’ll learn:

  • The value that ad ops brings to the table, and how publishers can utilize their capabilities more effectively
  • How improved data processes and transparency can help publisher teams deliver richer data that closes more deals
  • The positive impact that more contextualized data can offer multiple departments and roles
  • The data sets that are most likely to drive growth in a more privacy-friendly digital landscape
  • And much more!