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Post-Cookie Questions: How Advertising Strategies and Sentiments Are Evolving

The end of third-party cookies has been a central focus for the digital advertising industry for the past three years. In that time, post-deprecation strategies have had time to develop, deepen and change. Is the overall picture any clearer than it was when third-party deprecation began? If so, do the changes so far shed more light on the industry’s future?

These are the questions that the DV Publisher Suite team set out to answer with our latest report, Post-Cookie Questions: How Advertising Strategies and Sentiments Are Evolving. We asked publishers and advertisers many post-cookie questions, and they were answered by 800 professionals around the world. Then, we analyzed their responses alongside our previous data to show the changes in year-over-year responses.

In this report, you will learn about:

  • How publisher and advertiser opinions about third-party cookie deprecation have changed over time
  • Looming first-party data actionability issues that publishers need to address
  • Areas of alignment and misalignment between publishers and advertisers
  • The rise of attention-based metrics and contextual solutions as new post-cookie priorities
  • And much more!