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Former COO of LiftDNA, Dan Lawton Joins Ad-Juster Team

Ad-Juster has continued its growth momentum in third party report validation and ad operation work products by hiring former LiftDNA COO Dan Lawton to fill its newly created position of VP of Sales and Business Development.

Lawton reports to Mike Lewis the President, and he will also work closely with the executive team of Peter Yang, SVP of Engineering and Kevin Drake, Director of Program Management.

“I am fortunate to inherit great momentum and an awesome product that already serves the who’s who of the ComScore 500” said Lawton, who was the founding employee that built LiftDNA’s ad operations from the ground up prior to acquisition by OpenX. "It's such a great fit for me to join the leader in reporting validation and expand that foot hold across all of our workflow efficiency products. “My main goal is to bring my experience to build a high growth culture that is structured and scales to meet the efficiency challenges our clients face in this fast moving industry”.

As part of his role leading business development initiatives, he will oversee the go to market of Tag Scan and Auto Adjust products and building new partner channels that expand Ad-Juster’s product reach in digital media.

"Our mission is to provide efficient workflow solutions to ad operations, sales, and finance," Lawton said. "In this complex industry, each role has a unique pain point that is not going away anytime soon. Ad-Juster is in a unique position to help ease this pain due to our platform agnostic view and first party access. We do not choose winners. It is our job to build on the platforms that our clients want and need to aggregate multiple data sources, so they can focus on their business and not data collection.” He goes on to say: “In 2013 Ad-Juster collected and reported millions of line items, 8.3 trillion impressions that represent in excess of $10B in ad spends. This is a huge 24/7 responsibility and also such an opportunity to really make an efficiency impact.”

Dan’s other main priority is to help our clients understand the lost dollars and inventory being wasted at their campaign level. We can see our client’s inefficiencies in our massive data set. With our optimization product, Auto Adjust, we can auto optimize your direct campaigns every day to ensure the delivery meets goal.

"I know that every company handling direct IO’s are using spreadsheets and wasting time on what can we automate and optimize for them. It is my mission to make sure everyone in ad ops, finance, and sales know that there is a better way” says Lawton.