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Ad-Juster Case Study: How eHealthcare Solutions Streamlines Campaign Reporting

Ad-Juster Media Analytics Platform (MAP) allows digital publishers to closely monitor ad campaigns for discrepancies, delivery issues, incorrect tag set-up, missing access to 3rd-party data and many other benefits, all in one simple report.

“Ad-Juster has streamlined our ad operations and billing processes tremendously.  It saves us a great deal of time and delivers us more accurate data than we could possible achieve through a manual process.” - RJ Lewis, CEO of eHealthcare Solutions

Ad-Juster has provided EHS with:

Smoother Operations
“Ad-Juster has allowed us to operate more efficiently in our ad operations department reducing our ad ops overhead by approximately 25%.”

Improved Delivery Accuracy
“Ad-Juster has improved our campaign delivery accuracy from 93% to over 99%, with the remaining inaccurate delivery revolving around lack of inventory issues, not data driven issues.”

Reduced Billing Time
“Ad-Juster has improved our monthly close and invoicing process from an average of 5.5 days down to 2.5 days, a 60% improvement, resulting in more satisfied clients and faster payment.”
Visit the link below to read the full case study:
How eHealthcare Solutions Streamlines Campaign Reporting