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IAB Forum Italy 2020: Publisher Technology Trends in 2020

Publishers are asked to make sense of multiple advertising partners every day, and on top of that, brands and agencies have begun to focus more on ad quality. How can publishers better manage both new and existing data in order to improve revenue? The DV Publisher Team set out to answer that question and more at last week’s IAB Forum Italy.

Mark Bausinger, Director of Publisher Business Development at DoubleVerify, and Debra Fleenor, CEO of Adapex discussed what European publishers can learn from the emerging trends in the U.S. and elsewhere to simplify operations and improve revenue. Highlights included a discussion on fragmentation in the pubtech landscape, the drive to increase both demand and efficiency, and growth strategies heading into 2021. Catch the full conversation below:

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Debra and IAB Italy for their collaboration and partnership. Contact us to learn more about how DV Publisher Suite helps teams maximize revenue and reduce complexity.