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New! Boost Revenue with Video Ad Delivery Insights & Optimization

Video ads are considered one of the most engaging forms of advertising and a valuable type of inventory for publishers; however, the video delivery process is incredibly complex and most publishers deal with a high rate of ads that fail to deliver. Because of this, video inventory does not always convert into a billable event. For publishers, the end-user experience of their web and mobile sites are critical. Sometimes publishers unknowingly serve low-quality ads resulting in poor user experience which can lead to substantial revenue loss.

The most common problems publishers encounter with video ads are:

  • Latency and timeout errors
  • Broken creatives
  • Vast errors
  • Poor user experience
  • Reporting issues

Video Optimization Can Have a Tangible Impact on Billable Inventory

Evaluating and optimizing your tech stack and the partners you work with can help, but latency and delivery issues are prevalent across the board. For publishers, the ability to quickly analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve issues during the video ad serving process is critical. Reducing video ad errors can increase revenues as much as 30%, and in some cases, even more.

Introducing the DV Publisher Suite Video Delivery Dashboard

We know that many premium advertisers are willing to spend more on high-performing inventory and we want to provide you with the tools to meet that standard. The new Video Delivery Insights available in DV Publisher suite provides you with advanced measurements specific to your video ad inventory. Keep a pulse on how your video inventory is performing and discover delivery problems such as ad breakage, VAST errors, and more.

The 'Distribution of Requested Ads' and 'Video Error Reasons' charts are interactive to make it easy to drill down into specific issues.  For example, click on a bar in the dimension breakdown on the left and the pie error chart will show the breakdown of errors for that part of the traffic alone.
DVPS Video Delivery Insights for Publishers Provides:

  • Always-on monitoring and analytics
  • An intuitive dashboard to easily pinpoint issues
  • Real-time, impression-level video delivery diagnostics & reporting
  • Insights into video inventory performance
  • Tools to diagnose loading time issues, VAST and timeout errors, and broken VPAID creatives
  • Insights into relative performance of all partners in the value chain

Automated Video Optimization: Generate the Best Possible Yield From Your Video Inventory

These types of granular insights are incredibly valuable, but you need to take the next step to optimize your video inveontry. Publishers should deploy both automatic tools and manual processes to continuously scan the ad creatives that are served to their users.

DVPS Video Delivery Automation works behind-the-scenes to detect underlying issues, debug and automatically resolve various issues with affected traffic in real-time, resulting in increased delivery rates. This add-on offers additional insights in your video dashboards, integrates seamlessly with inventory quality data and enables acting on problems to resolve delivery issues before they occur.

By continuously measuring the quality of your inventory and delivery rate through the ad serving process, you will be able to recapture lost revenue that’s caused by video delivery issues. Contact us today to learn more about Video Delivery Insights & Automation.