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Introducing FlowIQ Benchmark: Stay ahead of the competition

Do you know how you stack up against competing publishers? Imagine having access to direct-sold advertising industry data that shows you exactly where you stand in key areas. In today’s highly competitive digital landscape, industry benchmarks can be a critical tool to help you identify the most important gaps between where your organization is and where you want to be. Equally as important, benchmarking gives you the data foundation for intelligent negotiations and supports communicating value to internal and external stakeholders.

Until now, there hasn’t been an easy way for publishers to access this kind of data. This results in missed opportunities, rate card adjustments being uninformed or infrequent, or a good amount of time spent on independent research to try to gauge relative performance.

Ad-Juster saw an opportunity here to leverage our unique position to provide even more value to publishers. With the majority of the Comscore top 100 publishers as clients and the amount of performance data that we process for our clients (over 1.2 trillion impressions and 2.3 billion clicks a month!), Ad-Juster has the most comprehensive direct-sold industry data set. We don’t like to brag, but this is where these stats are especially relevant!

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to FlowIQ Benchmark—the benchmarking tool for publishers that allows you to quickly gain insight into how your inventory is performing in key areas compared with the market. Benchmark was built to give you easy access to anonymized industry data that you can compare to your own performance.

Metrics that Matter

Benchmark data is available to users through an intuitive UI that displays your top metrics. You can choose to look at a holistic picture of all industry data or filter by publisher vertical such as News, Finance, or Health.

These metrics provide you with practical, valuable insights into where your business sits compared with your competitors. Teams can monitor their performance in these areas to identify high-level industry trends such as seasonal surges or weekend dips in CTR.

From insights to action

Benchmark also gives users the ability to drill down further into the data by important dimensions such as Ad Format and Ad Unit Size.

For example, you might look at your CPM by ad size against other publishers in your vertical and find that you are pricing significantly less than the competition for banner ads during specific seasons.

Benefits of Benchmark

Gain confidence in your pricing strategy

Refine your pricing strategy based on real market insights.

Identify new demand & sales opportunities

Monitor trending partners, formats, and placements to identify new demand.

Data-driven planning & forecasting

Always know what products are performing or where you should direct resources.

Tell the right story with industry data

Easily defend your rate cards and recommendations with real industry data.

Get started with Benchmark today

If you’re already a FlowIQ customer, you can start using Benchmark today! Just contact us or reach out to your Client Development Manager for more information. Together, FlowIQ and Benchmark give you the tools you need to effectively plan, monitor, and manage your direct-sold business. If you’re not an existing FlowIQ customer and would like to learn more, request a demo today!