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Making the jump to "Programmatic-space." Digiday's Programmatic Media Summit Recap

What are the hot button topics for publishers in 2018?

If Digiday’s Programmatic Media Summit in November was any clue, it’s programmatic technology, organizational structure, and transparency. No surprise given how quickly programmatic mechanics have evolved, netting publishers greater operational efficiency and revenue (via new deal types/channels like programmatic direct, RTB, PMP, etc.). Publishers know this is just the beginning of what is possible with programmatic and are eager to take the next step, but will do so strategically to ensure alignment with company goals.

Presentations covered what has worked and what hasn’t for publishers

The general consensus is the historical “direct” model doesn’t work in today’s age, but what the right approach is varies from pub to pub. As one example, Jay Glogovsky, Director of Yield and Programmatic of The New York Times, explained how they have reworked operations, integrated their direct sales team, and now offer integrated ad buys to better satisfy brands.

Publishers have made large investments in technology and talent but have also raised some concerns about downward pricing pressure and the role platforms play in the ecosystem. Better data awareness has created a lot of transparency into the supply chain; however, this has led to more questions raised than answered.

Mining data for revenue insights

Our Director of Product, Stuart Moncada, was on hand to understand publishers’ struggles and strategies as they dive deeper into programmatic data. Insights from that data have grown revenue (through programmatic channels), but staying on top of data aggregation and channel management remains a serious challenge. This is where Ad-Juster excels—as a data and insight platform that supports a publisher’s advertising operations. Leveraging 10 years of experience working with media-specific data, we provide the most reliable and complete picture of your advertising operations.

Our ProgrammaticIQ platform, new for 2019, puts the keys in your hands to drive revenue up. Smart Connections automate mapping and work around data limitations from all of your vendors and data sources. Naming conventions for fields like advertiser and country are automatically normalized. You can easily create unique custom fields to investigate anything that catches your eye and then share your findings via beautiful interactive dashboards with your team.

Interested in starting 2019 with all your programmatic data under one roof so you can hit your revenue goals? Request a demo today.