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New! DV’s Industry-First CTV Viewability Solution Now Available to Publishers

If a CTV ad plays, and no one could see it, did the ad make an impact at all?

Viewability is a critical KPI for advertisers, and the ability to demonstrate a high viewability rate is key to maximizing inventory value for publishers. Nevertheless, a consistent and accurate method of measurement for CTV has been a pain point. That’s why the DVPS team is thrilled to share that we’ve extended DV’s CTV viewability capabilities to DV Publisher Suite!

Gain Holistic Insights with Cross-Device Measurement

With consistent viewability metrics, DV publishers can now ensure CTV campaigns run as efficiently and effectively as possible, attracting and retaining premium brand advertisers looking to reach valuable CTV audiences. Conversely, DV’s CTV Viewability measurement can be utilized to identify opportunities for improvement and optimization across your CTV inventory.

Recent studies have shown that as many as 10% of CTV ads are reported as delivered when the TV in question was turned off, which adds up to about $1B in wasted impressions. DVPS enables publishers to identify and correct this behavior to demonstrate the value of their CTV inventory to advertisers.

DV’s approach to CTV viewability also provides measurement parity across multi-screen campaigns. Whether your needs extend to mobile, in-app, or web-based reporting, DV’s CTV solution works in conjunction with the rest of DVPS to allow publishers to make holistic campaign optimizations and increase operational efficiencies.

How DV’s CTV Solution Delivers Reliable CTV Viewability Measurement

DV’s CTV viewability measurement relies on an MRC-aligned proprietary algorithm to indicate viewability status based on two important data points: offline certifications and VAST measurement. The former provides Fully On-Screen (FOS) certification, while the latter measures quartile completion and ad duration length. With those two metrics combined, DV’s CTV viewability measurement flows into other existing viewability metrics, and is able to account if an ad was on screen and how much of it was played. This allows DV’s CTV solution to measure and report if an ad was viewable by a real person within the parameters of any CTV campaign.

DV’s CTV solutions allow publishers to enhance the value proposition of CTV advertising to their buyers. With its popularity growing in recent years, CTV is an attractive opportunity for publishers and advertisers alike. But it also comes with challenges that trusted measurement can help overcome so everyone can reap the rewards.

Want to learn more about our CTV viewability capabilities? Reach out today to request a demo!