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Attention and Efficiency Top-of-Mind During Beeler Base Camp Newport Beach

The DV Publisher Suite team was glad to take part in the discussions and activities at Beeler.Tech’s Base Camp Newport Beach. Set at VEA Newport Beach, Base Camp featured 90 publisher revenue executives from across the industry. The invite-only event focused on several key issues within the publishing community, from the impact of automation to direct-sold and programmatic management, and many subjects in between. Beeler.Tech has built a reputation for high-quality events, and we’re happy to share that this was no exception.

Let’s dive into some of our takeaways!

Attention Metrics Still Coming Into Focus for Publishers

As one of the most buzzworthy topics at Base Camp, attention was a mystery that publishers in attendance were motivated to solve. The rising use of attention metrics comes at a time when performance is getting harder to measure due to privacy changes across the industry. Given the “attention” that attention is getting lately, publishers will benefit from having an understanding of what it is and how they can use it to their advantage.

The DV Attention Index consists of 50+ privacy-friendly data points that are holistically measured in real time to quantify two key cohorts: ad exposure and user engagement.

One breakout session leader theorized that most advertisers could want publishers to provide attention-based metrics within the next six months. Whether that timeline will pan out or not remains to be seen, but the ability to deliver on the KPIs that matter to advertisers will always be essential to maximizing the value of any publisher’s inventory.

Seeking a Voice on Brand Suitability

Brand suitability was also on attendees’ minds as a conversation that publishers are keen to engage in and contribute to. DV is also committed to building towards greater transparency, education, and open conversations with both publishers and the buy side about best practices. We’ve worked hard to support that view by providing products that promote a more collaborative partnership between buyers and sellers, like our recent release of Authentic Direct, which offers DV publishers a direct link to the brand suitability preferences of any DV advertiser across campaigns.

The Operational Costs of SSPs

Supply-side platforms were another popular subject at Beeler.Tech’s event. Many felt a need to streamline their partnerships, with some stating that they were offering inventory on as many as 20 platforms at any given time. When it came to evaluating which SSPs to continue doing business with, some felt that evaluating revenue performance across partners (a simple task for DV's Unified Analytics) would be critical.

Despite the cluttered SSP landscape, publishers agreed that the right partnerships could unlock unique opportunities to maximize the value of premium inventory. But path optimization would still need to be done in order to preserve operational efficiency. If you find yourself in a similar situation, we recently shared some insights on path optimization that could help you get started.

Thank you to Beeler.Tech for another fantastic event. If you’d like to learn more about DVPS products and services, reach out today to request a demo!