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Sticky Ads (acquired by FreeWheel): New SSP Connection

Sticky Ads: Video SSP for Traditional and Programmatic Sales Capabilities

We've added support for Sticky Ads. StickyADS.tv was acquired by FreeWheel, a Comcast Platform Services company, in May 2016. StickyADS.tv, a leading video SSP, brings together best-in-class traditional and programmatic sales capabilities, architected for the TV industry. FreeWheel, a Comcast Platform Services company and leading provider of premium video ad management solutions for the world’s largest media and entertainment companies, now offers premium publishers software to build, run, and operate their own private exchange. The acquisition has created an end-to-end solution enabling clients to manage video inventory across all screens and access demand from any demand channel, while ensuring a brand-safe, TV compliant experience.

For more information, please visit: http://freewheel.tv/.