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Yieldmo Mobile Advertising: New SSP Connection

Yieldmo: Expect More from Mobile Advertising

We've added support for Yieldmo. They think ads should look great and work great. They combine the best of design and data to invent new formats, optimize them, and deliver unprecedented results. Yieldmo produce a curated and transparent marketplace of advertisers for your site. You can sell direct or let them bring demand to you for web and app placements. Their ad formats are responsive for mobile and tablet screen sizes. They deliver custom styling to ensure that ads fit the aesthetic of your page and maintain editorial integrity. They have established the world's first Ad Format Lab for inventing new mobile-specific ad formats. They have interactive formats that are respectful of the reader experience. Yieldmo constantly A/B tests formats and their style down to the placement level so that you get maximum yield for your mobile web and app placements.

For more information, please visit: https://yieldmo.com/