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3 Actionable Ways to Utilize Programmatic Data

Programmatic data can offer publishers a number of opportunities to improve their revenue-generating potential. But there are many ways that it can prove to be a challenge as well as an asset. Efficiency and actionability can be elusive when you consider both the sheer volume of data that programmatic advertising creates, and the repetitive processes that go into navigating, aggregating, and reporting on it across all channels. That’s where sophisticated reporting, BI tools and dashboards allow teams to preserve vital time and focus on the actions that will drive the most growth.

But the right tools can only get you so far. You still have to know where to find the most impactful insights within your collected data, and how to report your findings effectively. To help you get started, we’ve put together a few key areas that can help you identify opportunities in your programmatic data.

Evaluating Partner Performance

Publishers often have a number of demand sources to track. In order to ensure that they are producing the value you want to see, each one needs to be considered as both an individual source and as part of your overall financial picture. Analyzing your programmatic data through this lens can help you identify the partnerships that are thriving, the ones you may want to cut, or any other gaps that you might have.

Questions to ask:
  • How much revenue is each partner generating daily?
  • Which partners are contributing the most revenue each month?
  • What partners are giving me the highest CPMs for display and video?
  • What DSPs are driving demand across partners?

Analyzing Buyer Trends

Another key area where programmatic data can improve your understanding lies in your relationships with your customers, plus how those relationships might change over time. Maintaining a current view of your buyer data enables you to proactively adapt to trends, identify new direct deal candidates, and offer packages to each buyer that are more tailored to their needs. Each of these considerations can increase any buyer’s overall value.

Questions to ask:
  • Which DSPs do my buyers utilize most?
  • What inventory packages are my buyers prioritizing, and why?
  • How much revenue does each advertiser generate?

Optimizing Performance Across Channels

Finding the right balance across channels is an essential part of maximizing your revenue. No two companies are alike, and what’s right for others may not be right for you. Do you prioritize programmatic or direct deals? Where might PMP’s fit into your equation? What does ad quality look like for any of them? The insights you collect from your channel performance data can lend vital perspective to any optimization decisions you may need to make, as well as how to use this data to upsell advertisers.

Questions to ask:
  • Which partners are providing the most valuable, unique demand?
  • Which channels are the most profitable?
  • How do my CPMs compare in direct deals vs programmatic?
  • Do some channels perform better on certain sites?
  • Are there differences in revenue by channel across regions?

Go Deeper with DV’s Programmatic Dashboards Playbook

To give you an even bigger head start, we’ve built a list of Top Programmatic Dashboards for Publishers. It’s a playbook designed to help you build dashboards that cut through the noise and get to the heart of the story that your programmatic data is telling.

The key takeaway here is that, no matter how rich or far-reaching your programmatic data might be, it takes the right tools to turn that data into an effective plan of action. Unified Analytics is DV Publisher Suite’s all-in-one data tool that’s powerful enough to aggregate, normalize and report your data the way you need it across all your channels.

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