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Ad-Juster Gives Old Machines New Life with Computers 2 Kids

Technology upgrades are inevitable, but what to do with your old equipment? We linked up with our local Computers 2 Kids San Diego, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that recycles and refurbishes old technology.

C2K takes old machines and wipes them clean; then loads them up with new OSs, complete with educational programs, and provides each recipient with education, training, and support to succeed.

Have old equipment? Why not look for a similar program in your area? We really appreciate their mission and are lucky to be a part. Thank you, Computers 2 Kids!

About Computers 2 Kids

Founded in 2004 by Larry Hershfield and his wife Tammy, their goal was to establish a philanthropic endeavor that would help to reduce the digital divide, the disparity between people who have access to technology and those who don’t. C2K responds to this digital disparity and the real-world demand for computer literacy through its Technology Assistance Program, which recycles and refurbishes used computers and delivers them to families in need. Since its founding, the C2K team has helped over 295,000 children and their families in San Diego.
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