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AdsWizz AudioServe: New Third-Party Audio Advertising Connection

We’ve added support for AdsWizz AudioServe: AdsWizz seamlessly connects the digital audio advertising ecosystem with its suite of platforms and software solutions. AdsWizz provides leading audio publishers with its advanced server-side and client-side insertion software. They operate the largest premium audio marketplace and provide ad networks and programmatic trading desks with solutions to effectively trade online audio inventory. Their tools allow you to create, monitor, optimize, and monetize audio inventory in real-time, with audio-centric inventory forecasting and flexible monetization. The platform enables Publishers and Ad Networks to address specific challenges for audio ad management. Trafficking teams can easily create, monitor, optimize, and monetize audio inventory in real time. Sales Managers gain insights to forecast inventory that will be available. AdsWizz powers the world’s leading digital ad-sale houses, advertisers, and audio publishers.

For more information, please visit AdsWizz AudioServe.