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Opportunities with a Data Lens: AdMonsters Publisher Forum Vancouver

Our team recently got back from the AdMonsters Publisher Forum in Vancouver and are very excited by the industry’s emerging opportunities and publisher’s related revenue strategies. The event welcomed a couple hundred publishing professionals, platform partners, and vendors for three and a half days of insightful keynotes, valuable panel discussions, and even some really fun off-site activities.

Among the interest around new mobile and video opportunities was discussion around how to execute on new revenue strategies. We weren’t surprised to hear that it was “Ops to the rescue” as publishers optimize the blend of their revenue channels. The main hurdle Ops teams face is a lack of unified internal data and reporting, a pain point we’re well familiar with as we’ve been developing solutions, like ProgrammaticIQ and FlowIQ, that can provide this holistic data picture.

As a sponsor, we enjoyed the opportunity to open the Question the Tech session with a quick Q&A from AdMonsters Editorial Director, Gavin Dunaway. We got the chance to highlight our Programmatic Scorecard that evaluates the data capabilities of the top programmatic demand partners. The main finding was that there’s still a sizeable gap between what data partners offer and what data publishers need to grow their business.

We heard this sentiment echoed in a number of other discussions and trends as publishers, as a whole, are shifting to fewer, better partnerships. This improves performance management, user experience (better targeting, better ads, faster site load times), as well as the leverage a publisher has with their partners.

Overall, publishers are approaching new channels with a mature data strategy and careful consideration about how these moves will affect their relationship with readers and subscribers. If the Publisher Forum was any clue, publishers look well on their way to making 2019 a very successful year.

If we missed you at the event, we’d love to share how we can help you hit your revenue goals. Shoot us a note here ›