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Discussing Deprecation, Suitability and First-Party Data at Beeler.Tech’s Base Camp Amelia Island

The beachside town of Amelia Island, Florida played host to Beeler.Tech’s Base Camp last month, and the DV Publisher Team was glad to be in attendance. The intimate size, relevant programming and collaborative spirit of Beeler.Tech events produced many worthwhile dialogues and insights throughout the publisher-focused event. We were thrilled to “work the problem” with publisher professionals from multiple levels and backgrounds throughout our shared industry. 

Read on for some of our key takeaways from the event!

Post-Cookie Strategizing Intensifies as Deprecation Nears

Though the exact date remains uncertain, cookie deprecation is on track to be completed in 2024. As a result, the post-cookie dialogue was lively on Amelia Island. Representatives from Google were in attendance to hear publisher concerns and present the latest updates to their post-cookie technology, Privacy Sandbox. Once deprecation concludes, Privacy Sandbox figures to be a key component of the industry-wide effort to protect user privacy while continuing to facilitate transactions between compatible publishers and advertisers.

Nonetheless, many companies are still weighing their technology options according to DV's research. Only 24% of surveyed publishers were fully confident in their post-cookie solution, while nearly two-thirds of our respondents indicated that they were still in an experimentation phase. Roughly a year later, some publishers still appear to be searching for an ideal post-deprecation strategy.

Maximizing the Impact of First-Party Data

Though firm post-cookie solutions might be elusive for now, there seems to be a consensus building for increased reliance on first-party data among both buyers and sellers. Interest was certainly high at Base Camp, and it led to extensive discussions about direct opportunities like private marketplaces, or PMPs. These environments offer publishers the opportunity to maximize their inventory value in dedicated transactions with their preferred partners. The publisher-friendly nature of PMPs should make them worthy of consideration for many sellers, even if they are heavily invested in programmatic channels.

In any environment, a comprehensive data activation strategy begins with accurate measurement, thorough analysis and detailed reporting. Solutions like DV Publisher Suite can help publishers accomplish all that without diverting important operational resources.

Amplifying a Publisher’s Voice with Advertisers

One of the larger throughlines that our team heard at the event was the need for publishers to find ways to fortify their position in discussions with current and prospective buyers. Some publishers called for greater content transparency, while others explored offerings like data clean rooms, which prioritize data ownership and user privacy. Though the latter faced skepticism over the initial investment of time and energy, that sentiment may change as technology develops.

Keyword blocking was another topic for which publishers cited a need for stronger footing with advertisers. The conversation focused on the misuse of keyword blocklists as an unfortunate trend that harms publishers and advertisers alike. However, there is an opportunity to educate advertisers and brands about more nuanced suitability solutions that enrich both sides of the publisher-advertiser relationship. We encourage publishers that are interested in leading that conversation to download our guide for helpful tips and talking points.

Thank you to the Beeler.Tech team for another successful Base Camp. To learn more about what DV Publisher Suite can do to improve your operations and boost your yield, reach out today and schedule a demo!